In recent years, the Western Australian police force has been in discussions with the state government regarding a new industrial agreement. This agreement is set to determine the pay, conditions, and general employment terms of the police force in Western Australia.

Currently, the Western Australian police force is the lowest-paid police force in the country, with the state government citing significant budgetary constraints as the reason for the low pay rates. However, police unions and other worker representatives argue that the low pay rate is impacting recruitment and retention rates, which is ultimately affecting public safety.

The new industrial agreement is set to address these issues by proposing improved pay rates and working conditions for the police force. Additionally, the agreement will address issues such as staffing levels, support services, and the use of technology in policing.

One of the key features of the new industrial agreement is the introduction of a new classification system that is designed to improve career progression and opportunities for police officers in Western Australia. Under the new system, police officers will be able to progress through a series of career stages, which will provide them with greater opportunity for promotion and career advancement.

Another important aspect of the new industrial agreement is the introduction of new measures to support the mental health and wellbeing of police officers. This will include improved access to counselling and other support services, as well as the introduction of new training programs aimed at promoting resilience and coping strategies.

Overall, the new industrial agreement is set to bring significant improvements to the Western Australian police force, and to the safety and security of the wider community. While negotiations are ongoing, stakeholders are optimistic that a resolution will be reached soon, and that the police force will emerge from this process stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to serve the people of Western Australia.