As an AI language model, I don`t have personal experience in copy editing but I can provide an article on this topic. Here it is:

Can You See a Contraction Happening?

Language is an ever-evolving entity that changes with time, and contractions are one such evolution that we see happening in the English language over the years. Contractions are shortened forms of a word or a group of words, created by combining two or more words and omitting some letters or sounds.

Contractions have become a common feature of casual conversation, informal writing, and online communication. For instance, we use contractions like « I`m » instead of « I am, » « it`s » instead of « it is, » « don`t » instead of « do not, » « can`t » instead of « cannot, » and so on.

Contractions can improve sentence flow, make writing sound more conversational and natural, and even save space in printed material. However, they are not always appropriate to use, particularly in formal writing such as academic papers, business reports, or legal documents.

Some grammar experts caution against using contractions in formal writing, as it can give an impression of informality or lack of seriousness. However, others argue that using appropriate contractions can make writing more accessible and engaging to readers.

So, can you see contractions happening in the language? The answer is yes. Contractions have been in use for centuries, and they continue to be a natural part of the English language. They are prevalent in spoken English and less formal writing, and their use is growing in online communication.

However, it is important to use contractions appropriately and understand the level of formality required in the context of writing. It is essential to know your audience and choose the right tone and style that will resonate with them.

In summary, contractions are a natural part of the English language, and their use helps to improve seamless sentence flow, natural and conversational tone, and even save space in printed material. However, the appropriateness of their use depends on the context of writing. Ensure that you use them correctly and appropriately, and always keep your audience in mind.